I am new to facial treatments. I’m delighted with the results of my treatment with Diana! My skin is soft and my skin tone is even. I can’t wait to come back! ~  A. Winter Denver CO

Diana is so good at creating a comfortable, reassuring presence that even my 17-year-old son trusts her to help him with his skincare. After just the first treatment, we could both see a noticeable improvement!”~  Stacy B. Boulder, CO

I haven’t had anything done to my skin in over a year and the combination treatment that Diana gave me made my skin incredibly soft and firm, evened my skin tone and my skin is renewed with a painless recovery.

~  Beth Williams Little Rock, Arkansas

My wife suggested a facial for me because Diana has treatments specifically for men’s skincare needs. I was surprised by the noticeable difference. My skin has never looked better!

~  Scott W., Little Rock Arkansas

Diana convinced me to try a peel for the first time in my life. I haven’t been getting facials or dermabrasions for very long so I was a little hesitant. It was a very relaxing experience. I had minimal discomfort from peeling or skin dryness – after a few days my skin looked great and still does! I can’t wait to have another peel!
~  Barb G., Boulder CO

After having healthy skin my entire life, I began having some major skin problems (rosacea & acne) after my 2nd daughter was born. It was most likely hormonal, but because I was nursing, I couldn’t do much about it. Once I was done nursing, I began changing my diet and seeing Diana at Joyful Skin to try to tackle the remaining rosacea and scarring left behind from a year’s worth of breakouts.

Diana researches everything and discusses her plan with you before hand. She does not do “cookie cutter” facial treatments, rather caters to your specific needs. She did a peel and MicroCurrent therapy on Tuesday and my skin looks so great! A friend noticed as soon as she saw me–it is so much lighter (almost no redness from Rosacea) and the scarring is much less noticeable as well. Any breakouts I had prior to the treatment are all but gone. Diana is a skin goddess and really knows what she is doing. She is so calm and good natured, it is hard not to look forward to seeing her again!

~  Cari L. Boulder, CO